“A” Material by Jim Pace


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Professional effects for the stand-up restaurant worker by the KING of restaurant workers! After his wildly successful book on the business of restaurant magic, Jim Pace now shares his favorite pet routines. This top notch material will make you the toast of dining rooms, bars, and bistros and have your audiences eating out of the palm of your hand!

This is the material Jim uses nightly ? and each bit has been honed to perfection over the last 20 years. They?re presented with all the nuances and handling tips plus options for various endings.

* Ultimate Card Trick ? You locate a selected card ? handcuffed!

* The Miser?s Dream ? A close-up Miser?s Dream. Climaxing with a stream of coins from the spectator?s nose and the production of a jumbo 6 inch coin. Ouch!

* Four Way One Handed Cut ? As opposed to a four handed one way cut.

* Using Luck ? Instantly locate any card called out. It involves luck, but you?ll be surprised at the number of hits you get.

* A Tear-able Trick ? A torn and restored napkin ? PERFORMED BY THE SPECTATOR!

* The Vanishing Silk ? An unconventional routine with many progressively amazing phases.

* Three Coin Surprise ? A beautiful three coin routine acts as smoke for a surprising card transformation.

* Two Step Aces ? A four ace production from a shuffled deck.

* Floating Match ? A match floats and inch off your hand ? barehanded!

* Punishment ? An arthritis-producing stand-up coin routine.

* Plus much, much more!

Over 200 Pages, Perfect Bound

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