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Effect: Three chips lay on the table. Two are red, on both sides shown. The Odd one is black (on both sides-shown). These are displayed in a line onto the table surface, the black in central position, the reds on the outside. An examined pocket handkerchief is draped over the chips.

Showing his hands empty, the performer reaches beneath the hank and brings out the black chip. This he vanishes. When the hank is withdrawn, the black chip has returned, back in its original place, between the reds!

This is repeated again. It is repeated for a third time, each time the black chip being removed and vanished, only to reappear again. The Tables are turned, the magician stating that this time he will remove both reds, leaving only the black chip draped. The two red chips are removed and vanished. The audience think that the reds will return to their place under the hank…..but no, for when the hank is removed and thrown out to the audience, all chips have gone. there’s no sight of any!

You receive plastic gimmicks and instructions.

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