Art of Astonishment Volume 3


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Art of Astonishment by Paul Harris.

A three-volume set of books from one of the most creative magical minds in the history of magic!

You’ve heard rumors that the time was drawing near; and now those rumors are fact. These three great books on close-up magic have arrived. Three volumes make up the entire series.

Over 300 pages in each hardbound volume – 73 brand new effects – A Total of 222 effects in all! Over 2000 Illustrations! – Includes bunches of new and classic effects that are EASY TO DO! – includes many impromptu non-card effects!

Here is just a fraction of what’s inside:

* Tic-Tac – Coin in the bottle done with a dime and a box of Tic Tacs
* Heartburn – A playing card is struck on a matchbook and ignites
* Torn and Restored Deck – Brother John Hamman’s Micro-Macro principle is used to create the illusion of a torn pack of cards
* Guts – Signed card to wallet using a new principle
* Unhinged – A folding deck effect
* Sweet Stuff – A coin and the contents of a sugar packet change places
* The Hot-Shot Cut

and much, much more!

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