Folding Quarter


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There are many different tricks you can preform with this single coin: Coin in bottle, Snack time and Torn and Restored to name just a few.

Coin In Bottle – Effect: Imagine being able to borrow & coin & a bottle from a spectator. Inserting the coin into the bottle , & passing it around. You then easily remove the coin from the bottle & return both the coin & the bottle to the spectator. Impossible? Maybe, but not for you! This is a classic in coin magic & can be repeated over & over with no set up.

Torn and Restored – Effect: Both sides of a coin are torn away , the center piece is all that remains. With no more effort than a snap of your fingers or a wave of your hand & the coin Magically restores itself.

Snack Time – Effect: Hungry? Why not take a bite of the coin? Your audience will gasp when it’s instantly restored!

Key Benefits
Made especially for the everyday coin worker. Reliable. Come with full instructions, extra bands and three classic hard-hitting routines!

A quality gaff manufactured by Roy Kueppers.
“Don’t get a copy, get a Kueppers”.