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Mindfread Volume 1 – Coin through Soda Can

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Considered to be the most influential name in magic today, Criss Angel built his career by having a visionary approach and groundbreaking material! Now for the first time ever, it’s available to you in this exclusive Criss Angel Mastermind DVD series. The explanation of the infamous Quarter through Soda Can as created by Wayne Houchin and performed by Criss angel on his critically acclaimed A&E television series Mindfreak.

Borrow a spectator’s signed coin, ask for any can of soda or beer from anywhere, then watch their face as their signed coin miraculously penetrates their sealed can, which is immediately heard and seen inside the can. As a matter of fact, the spectator, not the magician, can be the first person to try to remove the coin from the open can when they get home! It’s completely clean!

This effect can be performed anywhere, anytime, with no special props.

That’s right:
No props
No gimmicks
No set-ups of any kind are required!

Delve inside as Criss and Wayne demonstrate the play-by-play breakdown for you to perform the Quarter Through Soda Can. Plus bonus material, including an exclusive interview with Criss sharing his inner thoughts on magic, his career, and TV series hosted by his close friend, manager and magician: Dave Baram.

“This is a great trick. You are crazy for releasing it!” -Lance Burton



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