Single Ambition by Jay Sankey


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Looking for a cool way to end your Ambitious Card? Look no further!

This effect from Jay Sankey can be a stand alone or the perfect closer to your favorite Ambitious routine.

Here’s one possible approach. You have a card selected. You demonstrate that when the card is placed in the middle of the deck it will always rise to the top. The effect is repeated and again the selection rises to the top. Finally, you explain that this card is so ambitious that even the top position is not enough! With that…your audience sees the ink from the face of the selection VISIBLY MELT up through the card and become permanently adhered to the BACK of a the card! When the card is turned the face is now seen to be completely blank! The audience can examine the card completely! Jay Sankey’s SINGLE AMBITION is a visually stunning and eerie effect!

It comes complete with the specially printed cards, as well as fully illustrated instructions with two routines and additional handling ideas. You?ll also discover the details to a valuable card sleight that you?ll use all the time!

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