Slydini’s Linking Rubber Bands


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“Slydini’s Untold Secrets is a great series from one of the truly great close-up performers and teachers. Slydini’s attention to detail, and stylish presentation transformed his magic into masterpieces. Study and practice the magic of Slydini and you’ll amaze your audiences.”
-Lance Burton

“Slydini has left a masterpiece. This is the best thought out and most complete linking rubber band routine available. It’s full of surprises, and is “drop dead” deceptive. This thorough routine has the necessary dialog and well thought out moves that make it a great magic routine.”
-Alma M. Richie (AKA Bluestone)

Slydini is a name etched in magic history. Hot Shot Magic brings you this piece of classic magic. It has been refereed to as “Crazy Man’s Handcuffs”; you would be crazy not to learn this brilliant trick!   24 pages, large paperback, fully illustrated.

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