The Sankey Skutt Sessions

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Spend some time with two of magic’s most seriously twisted minds and learn the secrets behind a jet-fueled collection of brand new, highly original magic! Featuring 15 wonderfully fresh and extremely powerful effects with coins, playing cards, tea bags, paper napkins, sponge balls, twist ties, jingle bells, dryer sheets and even sweet-smelling socks!

* Through Thick & Thin: An initialed coin passes through the top of a table three times, each time more impossible than the last!

* Siamese Change: The paint brush card change on steroids! Mike has floored more than a few top-flight magicians with this ingenious handling!

* No Way Out: Two coins magically change places (despite the fact that one of them is wrapped in THREE FEET OF CLEAR TAPE!)

* Mr. Tea: The date of a borrowed coin eerily APPEARS on a tea-soaked paper napkin!

* Surfboard Change: A card changes while riding across a ribbon-spread deck like a California surfer!

* Odean Production: A fold in an ordinary shirt visibly transforms into a sponge ball! The ideal close-up opener!

* Transient: A magic mark jumps back and forth between a selected card and a borrowed coin (and yes, the date on the coin remains the same!)

* Twist in Time: Two twist ties travel back in time to arrive at a mind-bending climax!

* Couple Card: Mike’s most requested piece of card magic! (Thanks to the burst of fire and the miraculous climax!)

* Jorge Washington: Inexplicably weird, bizarre and even a little scary!

* Duet: The voice of a bell mysteriously leaves one bell and arrives at another!

* The Ol’ Coin Up Nose: Mike’s f-f-fresh handling of a classic effect!

* Questionable: Jay ages 30 years while performing this hyper-visual card effect!

* Dirty Laundry: Using just a dryer sheet and a coin, Mike creates a startling series of magic effects! Insanely commercial!

* Twinkle Toes: A marked coin appears inside the performer’s own sock!

Jay and Mike. They share some marvelous magic. They play music. They interview each other. They stare awkwardly at each other in absolute silence…proof that great mimes think alike!

“Mike Skutt is one of the most creative magicians I’ve met in a long, long time. I just HAD to work with him!” — Jay Sankey


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