Chain Reaction by Jay Sankey


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Jay Sankey is one the most inventive creators of magic. His ideas and routines are found in the working repertoires of many of magic?s leading professionals.

This effect is one you?ll carry with you everywhere you go!

You display two single and separate links of chain. One link is closed inside of your fist and the second link is simply ?dipped? inside. When it is pulled out, the two links have joined together! A third link is brought forth and it too is instantly linked on to the others! Your hands are empty and the linked chain is immediately passed out for inspection!

Jay Sankey?s CHAIN REACTION is perfect for strolling or restaurant work, it is easy to do, has an instant reset, and is truly high impact magic! It comes with everything you need to perform this beautiful illusion, fully illustrated instructions, plus additional handling ideas.



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